Monday, April 18, 2011

The very basics of chakras

 Chakras are energy centers within your body. They are sort of a gauge of whether or not all the areas of your life are balanced. There are seven chakras and they each focus on a variety of areas in your life. When an area of your life is out of balance, there is a corresponding chakra located within your body and it will come out of balance as well. You will probably experience discomfort in the corresponding area in your body.A good example of this is when you have alot on your mind, or there is alot of chaos surrounding your environment, this would effect your sixth or possibly your seventh chakra.

Your seventh chakra is located at the very top of your head, it is connected with the colour violet. It's our connection to God and the divine guidance available. An unbalance here or  disconnection to your divine guidance, could possibly create symptoms of fatigue, or confusion about what your true purpose is.

Our sixth chakra is located in the center of our brain in the pineal gland, and is associated with the colour indigo. It is our doorway to divine guidance, insights, and psychic abilities. An imbalance in the sixth chakra could lead to headaches, eye problems, scalp issues, etc.

Our fifth chakra is located around our throat, it is connected to the colour blue. It is connected with speaking our truth, speaking up for ourselves, others, and what is right. An imbalance here could cause discomfort within your throat and mouth area, even the temporary loss of your voice.

Our fourth chakra is located around our heart and is associated with the colour green. It is connected with love, how we give and receive love, and how we love ourselves. An imbalanced heart chakra could pose heart, lung, arms and hands problems.

Our third chakra is located at our solar plexus, right below where you rib cage meets in the middle, and it associated with the colour yellow. It connects you with your will and power, your ability to achieve and accomplish your desires, through your inner strength and will to do so. An imbalance here can create issues with the digestive system, ulcers, muscles, and diabetes.

Our second chakra is located in our lower abdomen, genitals and the womb, and is associated with the colour orange. It connects us with our desires, sexuality, and procreation. An imbalance in this area can lead to uterine, bladder and kidney trouble, impotence, and lower back stiffness.

Our first chakra is located at the base of the spine and perineum, and is associated with the colour red. This chakra is what grounds us to earth, it is where our basic survival instincts come from. The root chakra when imbalanced is associated with obesity, leg and knee issues, constipation, degenerative arthritis and hemorrhoids.

So this is about as basic as it gets. There is so much more about chakras, their functions, and the balancing of them. It is well worth doing some research on this topic, if you are unfamiliar with them. They play a very large role in our ability to heal and evolve and there is much you can do to insure your chakras are well balanced.

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