Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Connecting with nature.....

 It is like connecting with the highest energy available in grounding, and stabilizing yourself. Connecting with nature, can create a feeling as though time has stopped. There are endless ways to connect with nature or mother earth, it is always there to be seen, it is everywhere you look, every tree, every bird, every body of water from the largest ocean to the smallest puddle, the clouds suspending effortlessly above, even the colony of ants working diligently at whatever it is they do.

There is no effort in connecting with nature, go for a walk, take pictures of whatever you find interesting, whether it be a small patch of unique wild flowers or a fallen tree that catches your eye. Go to water, a river, a pond, the ocean, even a small creek. Water is very cleansing to your soul. It can relax you just sitting near it, try putting your hand in and focus on the feeling of the water passing between your fingers. Hear the water flowing past.

Hear the birds singing, really listen to the sounds they are making. Sit in the grass, just sit and connect, feel the stability of the energy coming from the earth beneath you. Watch the clouds as they form and move so gracefully and effortlessly, feel the weightlessness that they must feel while on their journey in the sky.

When things in your life seem to be going through a period of non-stop busy chaos, and you are feeling little scattered, less able to concentrate, and possibly more tired or irritated than usual, this is a really good time to get connected with nature. Get plugged into her abundance of grounding energy, that is always there for you, remember to thank nature, all nature, animals, plants, trees, the wind, sun, and rain.

Be thankful, be grateful, honor our Mother nature for she is a wondrous being herself, who only wishes to help you in anyway she can. She will replenish your energy, giving you a feeling of solid grounding within yourself. So accept her gifts and thank her by sending warm loving thoughts her way.

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