Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's important to be patient.

Things take time to manifest, to come to be, and if we are not patient, we could lose focus , be discouraged, even give up even before our opportunity arrives. Being patient gives the divine time to create and set up the synchronicity necessary to allow, what we desire to manifest. Patience is a blessing for yourself, for if you have learned this, you spare yourself a lot of unnecessary negative thoughts and stress, over worrying whether you will achieve or receive what it is you desire.

If you are going through a lot of changes in your life and are trying make improvements within yourself, do not become frustrated when things don't automatically work out. There will still be challenges and tough situations, where you will have to choose how you are going to react. If you react with integrity and honor, then remain patient and give it time, have faith it will work out. It takes time for things, to manifest, or come into being, be patient, keep putting the right foot forward and wait for your opportunity.

I cannot stress the fact enough that, you may pushed right to your limit but if you remain patient, and positive and keep doing the work necessary, you will see the benefits. Obviously this article cannot tell you how long you need to remain patient, but depending on what you are wanting to manifest, the amount of effort you put in, and the vibration of positive thoughts you hold about it, can either shorten or lengthen the time it takes. Some things can take months or years to fully manifest.

For instance if your dream is to create your own company, this will not likely happen in a week or even a month. This type of desire takes a lot of effort and will likely take months, even years of hard work to fully manifest. Remember and understand, a  positive attitude and frame of mind, especially in the moments when you feel you are accomplishing nothing or nothing you are working so hard on, seems to be working out. This is where it really counts. Push through the stressful moments and situations, look at them as a test of your will, to get to your goal.

If you push through, you may find that not only did your patience pay off, but you received something even better than you imagined.

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