Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surviving a breakup.

 Relationships end for so many reasons I couldn't possibly list them all here, but I will list some in order show that this article can be applied to almost all situations....

-Job requires one partner to move a great distance, where one or both partners believe it is better to separate.
-Either partner steps outside the relationship, having relations with someone other than yourself or your partner.
-Either partner has an issue, that the other partner can no longer tolerate.
-One or both partners have become detached or have fallen out of love.
-Ongoing issues with children or stepchildren, or in laws.
-Both parties have evolved into people with different or opposing goals.
-Too many ''little things have piled up into one big mess than is no longer healthy for anyone.

The list is seemingly endless, but non the less, it is almost always associated with some negative or painful feelings, sadness, grief, resentment and so fort, this is very normal also, but there are ways to look at it differently to ease the hard feelings and lessen the time spent grieving the relationship. Regardless the reason the two of you ended the relationship, there were valuable lessons that were learned on both sides and if you can find, what you learned about yourself or about life in general, you can be thankful for the experience and for the lessons it taught you.

You can go so far as to thank your ex-partner for sharing in the experience, but if you are not ready to go that far, you can at least be humbled with the fact that you are now a stronger, capable person with more life experience under your belt, that you can now share and help others who you will meet along your path, going through similar situations as you did.

This article is only, offering you a different perspective, to possibly create more peace within yourself, in regards to any hard feelings you may harbour about the relationship, the ex-partner, the break-up, or any event that took place when the two of you were together. It may not make everything better but hopeful it has offered you the more positive side of your experiences with your ex., so you can move on to the bigger and better that is planned for you.

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