Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The contract between you and your parents.

Did you know you actually chose your parents and your parents chose you ? The three of you had a contract or an agreement before any of you were born. You all had karmic lessons to teach to one another and chose each other to learn from. You agreed to go through the good and the bad, you shook hands on it before entering this lifetime. You knew it would be tough at times, even unbearable and you knew there would be times of pain and sorrow, and each would make mistakes, some of them terrible, but you agreed to all of this before you came here.

This may seem unbelievable to those who had terrible experiences in their upbringing, but it is true. Lovingly and knowingly you agreed to do this together, through thick and thin, good and bad, even possibly going separate ways at some point. It was all agreed upon and it was for the greater good of teaching lessons to both of you. It was to help shape who you are now, and who you are meant to be.

No matter what the status of your relationship with your parents is, whether it is wonderful, difficult, your estranged, or have never even met, this was all part of the agreement between you three. You all agreed to go through these experiences as part of your own individual evolution. To teach you different things about life, about yourselves, about each other, and about forgiveness. Our parents agreed to come into this life knowing how difficult it would be at times, and although they may have struggled, they still came into this life as required, and fulfilled their responsibility.

The fact is, many souls here on earth today, would have been quite content staying where they were, before coming to earth, but there was a job that needed to be done and they knew they were the best one for it. As tough as the contract would be and is, all three of you loving and for the greater good, put together the outline of your experiences, knowing what greater good could come of it, in the future. Be thankful for your parents, and the lessons they taught you in life and helping you, to be who you are today.

This still applies, even if your upbringing was terrible, and the only thing you learned from your parents is how not to act like them. You can still be thankful for that, but your ability to forgive could help many others who are holding resentment toward their parents. Love them, but at the very least thank them for just being, so you could come to be.

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