Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Posting about destruction and devastation, manifests more of the same.

The posting and re posting of devastating articles, videos, and alike are posted by most with good intentions, but if you are a believer in manifestation, you can understand that posting these types of things, only adds to the energy that is needed to create or manifest these negative situations or make them worse than need be. All of this ''devastation'' is the natural healing process of our mother earth. We can, however lessen the total effect and force behind each event if we only hold and spread loving and healing thoughts.
Holding and spreading images of a perfect, healthy world will send out those type of energy vibrations, easing not only the over all effect on mother earth but for all of humanity and species in need of her stability. On the contrary, holding and spreading images of the devastation or anything negative, will send out those type of vibrations, contributing and worsening the effects of these catastrophic events.

Thought are things, energy that really does have power and the more people focusing on a particular thought, the stronger the energy of that thought becomes. No matter how good the intention, every time we reread, re watch, re post, restate, or even think about the destruction and devastation, we are manifesting stronger energy in this direction. This is by far from what we want. So keep it positive, always. This is not easy, nor does it mean to become naive about what is going on in the world, it just means be mindful of your thoughts, and what messages and thoughts you are putting out there.

When you understand our world is going through a shift like never before, and it is one we are in great need of, you can begin to understand that these catastrophic events are needed in order to evolve our thoughts, behaviours, attitudes, and to wake us up to what we are doing to this precious earth, and for us to remember who we really are, and what we are capable of becoming once again.
Pay attention to what is happening around the world, know that you can make a difference in the severity of it, by simply being mindful of what you put out there and hold within your mind. You do make a difference and although many have awaken to what is going on, we must make the effort to raise the over all vibration through our thinking and sharing of thoughts. Don't engage in conversations that consist of negative vibrations. Keep it as positive as possible, at all times.