Monday, April 18, 2011

Hold yourself accountable

 Holding yourself accountable is being 100% honest to yourself. This is very easy to do, yet at the same time one of the most challenging things to do. Though it may be challenging, it has one of the greatest payoffs. It lets you walk with integrity and honour. When you hold yourself accountable, you tend to be a little easier on yourself in the way of behaviour management and checking your intentions before acting or reacting to people and situations or when making choices.

When you hold yourself accountable for your actions, you learn that it's easier on yourself to think over your actions or reactions before hand, rather than after when holding yourself accountable leaves you feeling or wishing you had have done things differently than what you did. When you hold yourself accountable you are saying ''I am taking responsibility for my actions, thoughts, reactions, choices, behaviour and so on, not only in the present but the decisions you made in the past that led you here to the present. You no longer feel the need to place blame on others for your life and where you are now.

You become empowered when you hold yourself accountable, for yourself. You take the responsibility of making good choices and then feel great when you carry them out. When you clean up areas in your life, that past choices left you in a mess, you will soon have fewer messes to clean up because you are conscious of your actions and hold yourself accountable and will begin realizing  it's much easier to make the better choice in the first place and spare yourself the less than great feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and even self- pity after the fact. This is good.

When you take responsibility for yourself, your life becomes filled with pride, honor, integrity, knowing in every moment, that you are trying your best.

You begin realizing your potential and that you are capable of things you had no idea you could do or accomplish. You make better choices and decisions as you know you are accountable for your actions, nobody else, just you. This is very empowering and when you are empowered it makes making the right decisions easier, so it's a double win. You continually strive to better yourself, and the rest of humanity benefits as they have another good example to learn from, that being you.

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