Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are depression symptoms guiding you toward spiritual healing?

 Many symptoms of depression are signs that you are disconnected with your divine energy source. You are being called to see  what you truly are, to be  what you truly are, a magnificent being, capable of creating what ever your heart desires, with a limitless ability to heal yourself and be whatever it is your deepest callings are. A being that when connected and searching for answers has the full capacity to receive the answer to all your questions, with perfect timing.

Sometimes we want things right away, the answers to our questions can always be found within, but sometimes it takes time once we start looking for answers about ourselves and who we are, to learn how to see and recognize the answers when they come. To listen and follow through is a skill and a blessing that will start you on your path of healing.

It takes time to heal our past wounds or to even figure out what ones are still causing us pain.  When we are disconnected from our loving source, especially for extended periods of time, but even short ones, it is like unplugging your television or radio. You lose power. You are no longer connected, therefore cannot consciously receive the abundance of guidance and loving support that is always available to you.

The feelings of why bother ?, fatigue, lack of motivation, weakness, soreness, and the list goes on, these are signals that something needs your attention. Whether it be healing some aspect of your life, finding your true passion, connecting with your divine energy will create an energy within you that will ignite or bring to your attention what it is you are lacking, in order to live in joy and peace.

This does not happen over night.

Everyone goes through down times, some may call it periods  of  depression, contemplating where they are in life , what they have accomplished, and where it is they want to go. If you have been suffering a long time with depression, you must be patient with yourself and be willing to work really hard through some tough emotional ''stuff''.

It is an ongoing process but the more you seek to connect with your divine guidance, the more you divine guidance you will receive, and the faster you will see the symptoms of depression transform into feelings of joy and happiness.

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