Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth and all her changes.

Where do you stand with what is happening within our world ? There are so many opinions, so much information, so many thoughts and views about what is taking place here. There are many changes taking place, no one can disagree with that. One of them being the changes to earth herself, earth is very much alive and just as we are all going through major changes and upheaval in our lives right now so is she. We are all clearing away the old, cleansing ourselves. Even those who have yet to realize their spiritual path are feeling the pull toward spirituality, and obviously we can all see the effects these changes are having on mother earth.

Although we cannot by any means stop or control the changes earth are going through, we do have the ability to soften each blow humanity and earth herself endures with each new shift. Earth quakes,tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, droughts, they will happen but we must not put any energy in thinking about how devastating its going to be. WE MUST however put all our loving and healing energy thoughts into mother earth right now. This will decrease the severity, for when energies combine they become stronger and more powerful.

So when you catch yourself thinking negatively about the changes we are experiencing, change your thoughts and be sure they are positive and loving and knowing that this is all necessary for the great balancing of energies we are going through.

If we focus on the devastation, we are putting energy thoughts of devastation and suffering out, and we can all imagine what that will do. We all can make a difference and if it's as simple as looking at something from a different perspective and sending a positive thought out, why not ? Do not engage in conversations that talk about the ''end'' of the world and the ''horrible'' environmental disasters. This will not help. This will only amplify the problem.

What we can do is learn to love and appreciate mother earth. A lot of damage has been done to her, and she is healing, as we are now. She needs our support, our love, our kind and healing thoughts. Doing this will create an energy that will not only be beneficial to her but humanity as a whole. When we raise the vibrational energy of our thoughts from focusing on the negative, up to the positive, we raise the vibrational energy of mother earth as well. She is cleansing, this is necessary to move forward.

Hold her in your mind, in your heart, and just thank her for supporting you, for providing you with the air you breath, the water you use, the fire, the food, the wildlife, thank her for loving us, no matter what we do to her.

Give back to her, think of her now and everyday from here on out. Send her good energy, picture her in your mind and heart in complete health and she will feel it. We can all play our part lessening the suffering during the necessary shifts, and changes the earth is going through, with simply being aware of our thoughts and keeping them positive and full of love.

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