Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why is it so hard to forgive and love ourselves ?

Finding forgiveness and an unconditional love for ourselves can be a very difficult thing for some of us to do. This is for many reasons, but one of the bigger ones being that we know what we have done, who we have hurt, the intentions of our actions, we know every single thought that has crossed our mind and some of them not very nice. We all experience a sort of guilt or undeserving attitude towards ourselves, for the things we have done in our past and even what we may be doing in the present.

We ask ourselves ''how could I have possibly done that ?'', ''how could I have made such a terrible choice ?'', ''why would I hurt someone in that way ?'', ''why am I making the same mistake or choice to this day ?''. Do any of these sound familiar ? Well if you know now, what you did in the past was not the best choice, then it was a learning experience and it should be remembered that way.

If you are repeating some old, use less patterns in you life now, in the present, don't be to hard on yourself. Life is a process and we all evolve in different areas of our life, at different times and speeds. No matter what though, you can forgive yourself and this is much easier when you consciously understand that you made a bad choice and have learned from the experience and make an effort to choose differently next time. We all deserve forgiveness.

If we were all to walk around feeling terrible about all the not-so-great choices we've made in our life, what a gloomy place this would be. This earth has enough gloom, why not love yourself, forgive you past mistakes and work on your present issues, knowing you are evolving continuously and remember this takes time. Be patient with yourself. When you love and forgive yourself you automatically send love and forgiveness out to others and that is what we all need more of.

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