Monday, March 14, 2011

How to deal with non-believers and sleeping souls.

It can be so hard to watch friends and family go through life and hard times, and even more frustrating knowing it could be easier for them if only they listened to, or even noticed the continuous guidance flowing toward them. People who have found their spiritual path, and utilize the divine guidance flowing toward them, can have a tendency to feel very frustrated, sad, worried, or irritated with those who don't.

There are various reasons for this. Number one because we only want the best for our loved ones and all of humanity. Watching them suffer, particularly because they are not consciously aware, that there is unlimited guidance for them out there, can almost feels like they are suffering needlessly to you. You may feel like telling them to wake up, that life is so much more than what they have experienced thus far.

Another is because these people can sometimes be complainers, or procrastinators, or outright try to disprove your spiritual beliefs. You may find these people difficult to be around because their energy vibration is much lower than yours, and because you know there is a better way, and they are choosing not to see or accept or wake up to, what you are already well aware of, continuous, loving guidance.

We must remember that we all had a starting point on our journey, some of us just started at a younger age. First, be thankful for that, then have compassion for the sleepers who have yet to waken. They have their own path to follow, set boundaries for these individuals when it comes to your time and energy, because no matter how much you care for them and want them to see, we cannot force anyone to wake up to our divine energy source. You can just keep loving them and know they are evolving and experiencing exactly what they need to in order to reach their spiritual goals, whether they are conscious of it or not.

It is not easy to know others are suffering when there is a ''cure'' that is readily available, yet they have not made the conscious choice to take advantage of it. Keep sending them your loving thoughts and prayers and feel good knowing that they are exactly where they need to be, just as you are, in this wonderful journey of evolution.

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