Monday, March 7, 2011

Lightworkers, indigos, crystals, starseeds, rainbows, wayshowers...

Who are we and what is our purpose? well, simply put we are the ones who will show the masses their way back to the spiritual path, we will carry the gift of holding firm in our beliefs and speaking our truth. The truths of all humanity. We will help the thinning of the veil and transform the negative into positive, the non believers into believers, the hurting into healed, and we will do this with tremendous force.

 For people to understand what is happening to our world, Spirit sees the overwhelming need to put teachers in every country within our world. Teachers alike are awakening in astounding numbers with incredible strength. This is very good, for the changing world will need all the assistance and sharing of love, light, and Spirits word that we can possibly muster up and spread with great speed.

The path of us healers, light workers, indigo's etc. is not an easy road to walk, but realistically when has breaking new ground ever been easy? Never, but we shall not fail. We have been giving the strength within to face all challenges, all negativity, all non believers. We will rise above all life's challenges, for our real purpose here on earth is to help the masses through our personal experiences, teaching them to heal and better serve humanity, as we are all one.

 For most it can be described as walking the path of a wounded healer. Which makes sense, because what better way to teach others how to deal with life's challenges and the negativity, set in their path, than have to gone through it yourself.

We learn quickly and understand things others do not, so remember when things get tough, that there is a purpose for you on much larger scale, and how strong you must be to go through life's challenges with such grace. Believe me when I say grace, for you may think you are less than graceful in handling your burdens, but I assure you, when you help others through their healing process and life issues, because you have your own personally experiences that are similar to theirs, to them, who have little understanding of the spiritual world, you will sound not only graceful but will have helped to create grace in them as well.

BE strong, speak the truth, and share your love and light everywhere you go. God Bless !!!

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