Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Respect the homeless, addicted, and mentally ill, they have priceless lessons to teach.

What do you think to yourself when you see a fellow human who is homeless and living on the street, or are approached by a beggar who stands on the corner, or are in earshot of the belligerent individual who is obviously intoxicated. Do you look the other way ? Do you offer your money ? Have you ever gone up to them and introduced yourself ? Do you pass judgement on them ? Does it make you feel as though you want to help ? There are as many reactions, as there are people in this world.

There is only one reason this article was written and it is because light and love needs to be brought to these individuals who have chosen a life in survival mode, or have gotten lost on their way. This in part is to teach tolerance, compassion, acceptance, kindness, and a well needed reminder not to judge others. Let me be very clear, on every level they can choose to make improvements in their life, but many came here with a soul purpose to live a life of giving others the opportunity to love those who are different or struggle with their very existences.

Every single being on this earth has valuable information and ''things'' to offer others, this definitely includes the homeless, the addicted, the angry, the beggars, and any other labels society has put out there on these people and deemed them less valuable than the general population. They give us the opportunity to increase our loving and compassionate nature, for remember we are not to judge another human being, besides how could we do that with fairness, we have not lived their experiences nor do we know what they came here to work out this life time.

Just love them, see the value in those who have been labeled, respect them. If you could bring yourself to look into the eyes of that beggar on the street, you would see there is soul there, a being that has a past that has created their present, and the present will create their future. Why not brighten it and say something nice, offer them your pocket change, without judging what they might spend it on, do not walk by and ignore them, acknowledge them, say hello, at the very least send them your loving and healing thoughts.

They have value, they are Gods child too. We do not have to like what we see, but if we remember not to judge, it is easy to love them and see they are a valuable part of society who have been labeled and branded as something less than they are.... A living breathing soul that has not only a past, but a bright future as well.

I'm sure we can recall an event in our life or something that was said to us, that has not only stuck with you, but it was a pivotal moment in your life that helped you become who you are today. BE that moment in someone elses life, bring your love and light to those, who too often have darkness cast upon them, through the judging thoughts of others.....PLEASE... LOVE THEM... FOR WE ARE ALL ONE !!

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