Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Believe partly what others teach, for your Divine guidance is UNIQUE

 Divine guidance comes in an infinite number of ways and it is different for everyone. When you hear or learn something new on your spiritual journey, do not want or expect things to come to you exactly that way. For if you do this, you are limiting the guidance coming through to you. You maybe waiting for an experience to happen a certain way and it never happens, when really, because your mind was narrow, waiting for it to happen the way you learned, you missed the experience because it was coming to you differently than the exact way you were taught.

Take what you have learned and put it in your memory bank, this will trigger your memory when needed, while keeping yourself open to guidance that is unique to you. You are unique, so it only makes sense that your guidance would be unique too.

A good example of this is while learning how to meditate and what you experience while doing so. There are endless ways to experience meditation, there are many different ways to position yourself, various breathing techniques to try, endless spirits, beings, guides etc.. that may speak to you, therefore no one can tell you exactly how YOU should meditate or what you will experience.

It is different for everybody, so do not expect or accept what someone else tells you about what you will experience during your meditation practices, because you may be disappointed with what you actually experience. Take the different techniques you have come across and make it your own. You will find a comfortable medium between the various techniques, that will work best for you.

This is true with almost all areas in spirituality. We all come here with different abilities, therefore our guidance will come through differently for all of us. Remember this not only about meditation but with prayer, dreams, messages, psychic abilities, visions, and almost anything else. Do not limit yourself or your guidance by expecting things to come to you exactly the way you read, or was told it would happen.

You are unique as is your guidance. Keep an open mind, that way you can experience everything possible !!

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