Monday, March 14, 2011

Does your child have a gift?

More and more children these days are born with more pronounced psychic abilities. These are the same gift that are available to every one of us, the difference is children born in this age are awakening at a much faster rate then ever before, some not forgetting for a second who and what they were brought here for.
There is a combination of reasons for this. One is the increasing acceptance of these abilities by the general population. Parents are even encouraging these gifts in their children, helping them to understand why and what it is they are experiencing at such a young age. The most important reason is, THE WORLD IS

CHANGING, AND IT'S CHANGING RAPIDLY, so these children were sent forth to teach Gods word and help us realize the gifts available to us all.

These children, who are born to lead us into the new world have a big task on their little hands, but with the right support they are more than capable in handling their chosen path.

Here are some signs your child or children may have an activated gift :

-They child may have a very real imaginary friend or friends, they talk to or about.

-They may see shadows or light especially around their bedtime.

-They may have vivid dreams, telling you of places they have visited, what they seen, or who the talked to.

-They may flat out tell you they see, or hear people you do not

-They may talk a lot about angels, God, or even colors surrounding people.

-They may predict events, or people calling, even accidents.

-They may know things about people, without knowing why.

-They may have extreme talent in music, art, or a powerful essence around them.

-They can be stubborn, and opinionated, and are not easily persuaded, for they do have a higher sense of knowing.

-They may talk in great detail of past lives, as if they happened this lifetime.

-They may be very sensitive to aggression, chaos, even foods.

There are many signs these children give us, telling us they are different, that they are here to fulfill a special and important role in our evolution. We must encourage these behaviors we see in our children, we need them to learn about their gifts, to then share them with the rest humanity.

Many parents feel lost, as to how to help their children with such extraordinary gifts, it can be overwhelming not knowing how to help encourage them. The most important thing to remember is to LISTEN to your children and do not discount what they tell you, because you have not experienced or do not understand what they are telling you. Help them feel comfortable expressing their experiences with you.

If you are at a loss, as to how and help your child there is mounds of information in books and on the internet. Google words your children use and attach the word spiritual. Do some research, you will be guided to the right information, guaranteed. God wants you to understand and help your child because your child is doing His work, and He wants all His children to have the information they need in order to evolve the human race. Feel free to message us on face book and we will do our best to help you.

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