Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why ''bad'' things happen to ''good'' people

Hard times fall upon all people, positive people, negative people, the poor, the rich, the young, the old, non believers, and the spiritual. No one is exempt from these experiences, they are a necessary part of life, of your evolution. For if we were not challenged throughout our life, how would we ever realize our full potential ? How and why would we evolve ?

Think about this, if we were all, always comfortable, never being challenged to think smarter, be kinder, act more  responsibly, be compassionate....why would we ever want to challenge ourselves to do anything differently, why would we want to change? There would be no need to, no desire to.

Most people fear change, because change can be very challenging, so most people avoid it altogether. Many good things come from ''bad'' experiences. Many of our most famous foundations and successful charities began with family members grieving the lost of a beloved one, channeling their thoughts and grieving energy into something positive, an outlet for their pain, and a desire to help prevent a fellow human from experiencing such pain.

When a natural disaster hits and devastates a city or town, it is then, when people come together and acts as a group in a loving way, lending a hand to someone in need. It is when you have a near death accident or experience, that you take a real good look at your life and reevaluate your goals and dreams.

Although these experiences are emotionally, even physically painful, they give you an opportunity to look at whats really important in your life, what you truly want to put your energy and thoughts into. They are an opportunity for you to choose differently in your life, helping you to see what is truly important to you, what is important in life.

These are not events you think, you would ask to happen, but they are a necessary part of our evolution in order to aspire to our greatest potential, which is to love unconditionally, thus helping our earth brothers and sisters on their journey. Always ask yourself why you are experiencing all events in your life both positive and negative, because I guarantee you there is a deeper reason than what can be seen. The old saying  ''everything happens for a reason'', seems very fitting here. Look within, the reason is there. Do what you feel is right, leaving fear behind.

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