Sunday, March 20, 2011

Being a spiritual example, teaches all.

Setting an example, is one of the easiest ways of teaching anyone. This way of teaching reaches anyone you cross paths with. When you live gracefully, through honesty, integrity and love on a continuous basis, it radiates love and light to everyone around you, which inspires them to desire whatever it is in you that gives you such light and energy.

When you gain a reputation for being a carrier of light and willing to share your experiences through present day challenges, you build credibility with others and they will watch and wonder how you became as such. They will see over time how you manage your challenges or troubling times, they will notice there is always a way, a way in which you can handle your challenges peacefully, rather than being consumed with stress.

They may not understand at first why you think and behave the way you do, but over time they will see a continuous pattern of how you can deal with issues using your integrity and always treating others with dignity, even when you are not receiving the same from them. Honesty is something that is given much more freely when another senses honesty from you. It is almost contagious, your high vibration helps others to vibrate at a higher level.

Everyday we are given the opportunity to teach others, to share our past experiences, and what we have learned from them. We can do this verbally, if you can get someone to listen, you can do it through writing, if you can get someone to read it, but if you do it through you actions on a continuous basis, people will become aware of what you do and start to become curious as to how you obtained this way of being.

They may question you, maybe even criticize you, but no matter you have their attention. So continue being you, and others will either follow your example or not. This is not your concern, just be content with knowing you are the best you can be everyday, and whether we or they are aware of it, you are spreading your love and light everywhere you go and it does make a difference for you, for them, and everyone on this planet. BE AN EXAMPLE !!

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