Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop negative situations in your life from repeating.

 Do you find yourself facing the same problem in your life over and over? It may show up in different ways, but it always seems to have the same theme. This can be failed relationships, unstable employment, people taking advantage of you, being unable to confront your fears, where do you find challenging areas repeating themselves in your life ?

This loving world is giving you opportunities to do things differently, to cause you to grow, to evolve and learn from what doesn't work. Your mistakes will guide you, in what not to repeat, and if you look closely and listen, you will be guided in how to better handle yourself, what you should do differently in order to create a different outcome. Most people are very uncomfortable with change, therefore do not embrace the loving nudges the universe is giving to help change the patterns in your life that do not serve your higher purpose.

Resisting change in your reactions or patterns in dealing with less desirable situations, only creates the need for the universe to offer you, yet another opportunity to change what needs to be changed.
Because God wants us to live in a state of love and integrity, specific patterns in your life will continue to repeat themselves in order to help you see what is not working, leaving you the opportunity to try something different, to achieve what it is you need to achieve. Once you recognize a 'not so great pattern' you keep having to repeat in your life, you can begin to ask yourself why this is being brought to your attention, what needs to change, what is an outcome I would feel better about ?

Be prepared for the temptation to revert back to your old ways. This is normal because we, as humans become comfortable with what we are familiar with, whether it is in our best interest or not. Change is not easy but it is well worth it. To break an old pattern is a grand thing, evolving into loving, honest, balanced beings is our ultimate goal, and every mild stone is something to celebrate.

When consciously deciding to ''do things differently'' you will find yourself in a place of uncertainty, and although this may be somewhat uncomfortable, it is something to REJOICE over, for when you are in a place of uncertainty, you have the opportunity to experience everything possible. How grand is that !!

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