Monday, March 7, 2011

Integrity !!

 Do you walk your talk and talk your walk. Are you going to bed at the end of the day, confident that you handled yourself with dignity and honoured your highest standards, when dealing with the situations and people you come across throughout your day? Integrity is the feeling you have responded to something or someone to the best of your ability. You walk away with your head held high and feeling no regrets, as to how you responded or reacted to your experiences throughout your day.

This is a good feeling, a lighter feeling. When you respond to someone or something in a loving and compassionate manner, even when the experience is less than comfortable you begin to feel lighter, less dense. You no longer have the burden of carrying around feelings of guilt, regret, remorse, or shame for responding from a place where your integrity has been jeopardized.

When responding to people and situations, it is easy to carried away by emotion, especially when you feel betrayed or treated wrongly by someone. It can be difficult to remain in a place of understanding, compassion and love, yet still keep boundaries on how you deserve to be treated and standing up for yourself and finding justice.

Here are some suggestions to try, in order to remain in a place of integrity, especially when dealing with difficult situations, emotions, or people....

Always speak your truth, this can be so hard to do for a lot of people.

Always come from a loving compassionate place when expressing your thoughts, opinions, or feelings.

Always respect anothers thoughts and opinions, even when you disagree.

Say what you are truly feeling but remain kind, understanding every human on earth has had very different experiences in their past so their understanding compared to what you understand or know may be very different.

When you act with integrity, you are balancing the respect for your needs with respecting anothers position. Although you may not agree, you can at least comfort yourself, and act compassionately, with realizing they may not understand or ever been shown how to deal with certain situations. You can choose not to engage, you can choose to speak your truth, speak in kindly and firmly if need be, and respect what the other has to say.

When you keep you integrity on the front line, you hold yourself accountable for how you treat others.
Be kind, be truthful, be compassionate, in order to free yourself of negative emotions, The qualities of integrity will not only create more peaceful and lighter path for yourself, but also for the many who will cross your path.

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