Thursday, March 24, 2011

2012...Do not fear, EMBRACE what is to come.

The earth and humanity is about to awaken and experience life like never experienced before. This past few years the light workers, indigo's and alike have been awakening in mass numbers. We are going through the initiation the rest of humanity will go through in 2012. We are going through these changes now because we are the ones to help the rest of the population through these changes.

These changes will be drastic and challenging in a number of ways. It is not something that can be easily done without faith and appreciation for the higher guidance coming forth, to aid you with these massive changes about to take place.

We are awakening, we are remembering who and what we are, and capable of doing. 2012 is coming, it is not the end of the world, but it is the end of the world as we know it. The shift has already begun and many are feeling its effect. Paradise is coming, those learning to become love and light now, will find these changes and challenges that are before us, less traumatic. Understanding this, is necessary for the evolution of the human race.

Souls who have yet to awaken, will find these changes challenging and confusing, and it is up to the light workers, star seeds, etc.. to help these sleeping souls to awaken and understand that they have the ability to find the love and light they carry within themselves, that has been conditioned to lay dormant within us.We are healing and being healed rapidly, we are feeling something and many of us are starting to understand what it is. The truth behind who we are, and our incredible capabilities that literally have been kept from us, that have remained sleeping within us for way too long.

We are not the only ones awakening and making these glorious changes, Mother Earth is going through her own changes and although they may seem extremely violent, they are necessary in order to raise earths vibrations and all who reside with her energy field.

We have the ability to create what ever we desire in our life, but have been taught otherwise. We have the ability to maintain complete health, but have been taught otherwise. We have all the answers within us, but have been told to look externally. Life is a beautiful thing to experience, but we have been conditioned to believe otherwise. It IS time to wake up and see our true potential, to realize our unlimited capabilities. Believe in yourself, create what you desire, be patient, and work hard.

We are love and light and more and more of us are starting to understand this and those who have yet to realized this, need our help, to raise their vibration. You can do this by simply sending them love, and light, healing energy and holding the belief that everyone is connected and love resides within all of us. Embrace what is to come, is will create a heaven on earth, and what could be better than that !!

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