Monday, March 7, 2011

Divine guidance comes in ALL forms.

Pay attention, for everything you see, hear, touch, experience, everyone you speak to, overhear, stand next to, or come into contact with, is a piece of guidance being offered to you. Unfortunately most of this wonderful guidance goes unnoticed. No worries though, these messages will keep repeating themselves to you in numerous ways, through various people, and specific experiences until you receive whatever guidance they are are trying to offer you.

This guidance is in response to questions you have given to the universe, or little nudges to keep you on your path.

These nudges can can be received verbally, visually, emotionally, from people, places, animals, a feeling, even a sequence of event you experience and endless other possibilities. Messages can be received from family friends, strangers, co workers, children, animals, books, computers, even billboards.

Have you ever wondered or thought something to yourself and a short time later you overhear a conversation pertaining to very question or thought you sent forth, or didn't quite understand something about someone or something, and the very next program or article you read is on that very subject. This is Divine guidance. It comes in endless forms, continuously, it never stops, it is always guiding you. Even when you aren't paying attention, there is guidance being directed at you.

One of the biggest forms of guidance we miss is guidance being offered through mother nature, Plants, animals, water, especially birds, they all carry messages, direction through their own unique qualities. There is endless information in books and on the computer on the spiritual representation of different meanings in nature.

There is an article titled Animals, birds, insects, reptiles, water creatures...what messages are they giving you? This article gives a good explanation as to how wild life can help you, Divine guidance through your interpretation.

Be conscious of what questions and guidance you ask for, and pay attention or be aware of everything and everyone you come in contact with, for they just might hold the answer to what you seek.

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