Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is a beautiful struggle.

Although life may seem out of control or chaotic at times, there are always ways to find beauty and more importantly, things to be forever thankful for. Life is suppose to be challenging, but not as challenging as most people experience. Challenge helps us to grow and inspires to make changes within ourselves in order to evolve.

Our evolution is a beautiful thing, and beautiful things are presented to us everyday. Even in our darkest, saddest moments, there is beauty all around, for you can be sure there is much divine energy supporting you, when you need it the most. Struggle can be experienced in many areas of your life, for many reasons. Many people struggle in finances, in relationships, with honesty, strong emotions, sensitivity, organization, procrastination, career stability, even spirituality. All these struggles are an opportunity to look at what isn't working and to think about what could be done differently or even looked at in a different way than before.

This is all to assist you in balancing out all the different areas of your life.

Remember though whenever you are struggling you can be sure there is divine energy supporting you, offering you little signs to help guide you along your path. Its that feeling like somebody is near, or a sudden calmness washes over you, or you suddenly can see the good in whatever was ailing you. Beauty is everywhere, its in your children , your grandparents, it the plants and flowers, its in every tree, breathing us out clean air, it is in helping those who need help, it is in whatever is good in your life.

Sometimes when things seem at there worst, it can be hard to find anything good, or see any beauty among the haze of struggle, especially in hard times.

So I offer this for you to try, among your busy day find a tree, it can be anywhere, in your yard, at the park, while sitting in a parking lot, looking out your window at your place of work, just look at it for as much time as you can spare, even if it only be one minute. Really look at the tree, see its shape, it's size, its color, the strength it must have to withstand the elements. Trees are magnificent and they are very grounded, they can create a sense of helping to calm us, to slow us down. We pass trees every day, we see them out our windows, even in books and on the computer, trees are an example of something that we can always find beauty in.

Struggle represents challenge, and being challenged leads to creating change, and change is what we need, in order to evolve, into the enlightened beings we are.

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