Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unhealthy relationship, a day in jail, 5 wks in shelter with 4 young children, what it did for me.

 IT WOKE ME UP !! Being in a very unhealthy relationship, while raising and home schooling, four children under the age of eight, doesn't seem to leave you with many options. That is till you get arrested in front of your children, spend a day in jail at the hands of your spouses lie, then live in a shelter for 5 weeks with your 4 children.

Its amazing what you are able to do when you have no choice. My point to all this is, where I am now, I wouldn't change for the world, and I have those really hard experiences to thank for it. That is what it took for me to wake up and get the hell out of there. Since then I have found myself. Became who I wanted to be, IT WAS NOT EASY BUT IT WAS WELL WORTH IT !!

Don't get me wrong life isn't always roses, there are still big hurdles and I am grateful for that because for I now fully understand that sometimes we need a very loud message so that we remember we can do what ever we put our minds to, especially if its with good intentions and for our greater good.

It was the hardest year of my life, between raising four children who all had their own individual needs, bogus criminal charges I had to go to trial for, family court trial to get legal custody of my children, selling our first home, moving, and dealing with the end of my 12 year relationship and not so much grieving it was over but the fact it was my spouse ( who was to love me and care for me ) who created this chain of events. I am grateful though as it was, what it took for me to leave which was for my and my children's greater good.    

I'm a good honest person and most would say it seemed unfair for me to have to go through it, but it is a year in my life I wouldn't change for the world. Hard times fall upon everybody, it is what gives us the push we need in order to gain better understanding of our lives.

My strength, my faith and self-esteem sky rocketed that year, and 5 years later I still thank God I went through all of it. It helped me evolve into who I am today, a confident, hardworking mother, who knows now, that anything can be done that you put your time, energy and thoughts into.

God Bless, and Bless God for your experiences.

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