Monday, March 7, 2011

Is the bible right ?

 Nobody can say for 100% certainty the bible is right or wrong, which parts are accurate and which are not. I believe there is much truth to it, but there must be a firm understanding, that the bible was written by humans. prophets, or messengers that God spoke through or to. But because humans are capable of error or misunderstandings, people have to realize that there may be ''errors'', or misunderstanding even in the bible.
 Another thing to keep in mind is that because us humans are continuously evolving, so must the earth and the messages from God. The bible holds much truth, and should be appreciated for the important role it plays on humanity. Remember though, times have changed immensely and there must be room for your thoughts on the whole of humanity and the changes we are facing and this is a time to be open to guidance beyond the pages and words of the bible.

 Look into yourself, with practice you can begin to realize you have even more information available to you when you look within yourself than you could ever find in a bible and remember when you go straight to the source (God) the chances of you misinterpreting His messages is alot lower than the messages in the bible alone. With what we are about to experience here on earth as human beings, we must learn to look beyond the words written in the bible.

Humans are evolving like nothing ever experienced before, there will soon be no need to look to the bible for answers or guidance, for the human race is awakening. Although the bible's teachings are still very relevant, some information is out dated, and pieces are missing that us, as the human race are starting to understand. More and more of us are returning to the source (God) rather than turning to the pages of the bible.
This is good. This is what we must do. This is what God wants. Do not disregard the bible and it importance, just remember Gods knowledge is available to us on a much more personal level with much more richness that goes far beyond the words on the pages of our human written bible.