Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To be facilitating, is acting out of kindness

Creating the least amount of resistance while conveying thoughts, opinions or ideas in a way that does not create friction or reduce cause for another to be defensive.

This may seem like a lot of effort or being overly nice, but really its no work at all. If you are strong in your thoughts or ideas, you should not have the need for their approval, therefore you can offer your thoughts in the most loving way and accept what ever their opinion is, and move on or past it, even if they disagree or become less than friendly about it. Being facilitating, is understanding how the other person(s) may feel or think or react when you convey your ideas. Its simply having compassion for a fellow human being.

Being facilitating is trying to make something a little easier for someone else to understand. It is the ability to speak your truth in the most loving and honest way, regardless whether the other person(s) responds back to you in a loving and accepting way or not. Being facilitating is a preventative measure to lesson the resistance or defense response in another.

If you know what you are about to tell someone is going to cause a reaction, then ask yourself ... how can I say this without creating drama or an exaggerated response ? When you say things in a loving manner, and your intention is only to speak your truth, than you create a conversation that is more likely to end with the other person receiving and understanding your thoughts with less drama and defensiveness, and more understanding and acceptance.

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