Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YOU, have the ability to read - tarot, angel cards, tea leaves, runes, numerology, astrology, ect...

Anyone who has the desire and respect for the insight they are able to provide, are able to learn how to read these spiritual tools. These spiritual tools are available for every ones use. You do not have to born with ''the gift'' in order to enjoy the insights these tools have to offer, for we are all born with these gifts, most are just unaware on a conscious level.

 Some people are born with an exceptional talent for reading those various tools the divine has provided us, but we all have the capacity to ignite our own ability and with practice become a talented reader yourself.

These tools need to be respected and appreciated for the guidance they provide, because they offer truly honest and loving messages for us to receive and make use of. If you decide this sounds interesting or right for you, deciding what tool is right for you, is as simple as deciding which one you are drawn to most, which one sounds most interesting to you.

Here is a very simple explanation of some of the tools available, what they are, and how they are read :
Tarot cards are a set of cards that display pictures and have key words or themes that give clues to the answers you are looking for. There are endless spreads (ways to lay the cards) depending on the question you or the individual you're reading, is asking. The cards come with instructions and meanings for each card. All cards, such as angel and animal medicine cards are used in a similar manner, but each offer very unique guidance compared to  the others.

Numerology is corresponding, numbers to your name, birth date and so on. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number and when you add up and breakdown numbers you can correspond those to cycles or themes in you life. There are endless books and Internet courses on numerology, and if you like numbers, this may be your dream tool in helping you to evolve spiritually.

Runes are symbols that have corresponding messages. These symbols are usually drawn or carved in rocks, stones or crystals. They are placed in a bag, cleared ( like shuffling the cards) , then a certain number of runes are picked out and layed down for interpretation. The symbols and corresponding message are included with the runes.

There are many options when choosing the right one for you. You need only to decide which is right for you, purchase the type of guidance you were attracted to, and practice, practice, practice. Always remember to give your reading the respect and appreciation it deserves, as the knowledge it offers you, is of great value.

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