Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't take life too seriously !!

Sometimes life can seem so cloudy, and unbearably cold, that its hard to see the good that is all around. This is true even for the highly evolved. When life gets tough fight back with humor. When something goes terribly wrong (according to your plans) step out of your emotions and observe what s going on around you, this will help you to see the bigger picture and see possible reasons for your experiences. If we become too consumed in our emotions (which is very easy to do) we can miss the point of the experience, which is missing the whole point all together.

We only ''suffer'' in order to learn and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, giving us the opportunity to make better choices therefore creating the best experiences possible. Because the best is only wanted for us, the opportunity will keep presenting itself to you, until you consciously see the pattern and recognize there are other options that will create happiness and peace within yourself.

If we are so wrapped up in the seriousness of life and the overwhelming emotion that this can create, we miss the whole point of life. We are here to learn and while learning mistakes are made. We ALL make them and no one is exempt from this, so why not see the humor in our mistakes. Sometimes our tumbles on this journey can be quite funny, not in the moment but looking back we can say, ''why in the world would I have done that ???''  You see you know better now and that is the whole point.

YOU LEARNED. If you did not make ''the mistake'' how would you have learned ? If we must fall in life, sometimes hard, we should at least try and change the way we see our mistakes or negative experiences. They are full of information, it's just really hard to see when emotions are high. So when you find yourself in a fog of emotions, step out of yourself and ''see'' what is really going on.

Try picturing yourself standing on a beautiful bridge, and under you is the flow of all the emotions you are presently feeling, what do you see ? What do you ''see'' yourself feeling ? When you can see your experiences from this perspective you can analyze what is really happening and possibly why ? Just don't take it too seriously, it's happening for good reason. Spending a little time on the bridge observing your emotions will help clear up some confusion and make your current issue seem a little less serious and a lot more clearer.

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