Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Intentions are everything !!!

Your intentions set the stage for how your life evolves. Are your intentions to benefit the whole of society or only yourself ? When looking into yourself to understand what your true intentions are, you can begin by asking yourself... why are you doing this ?;  are you doing this out of love ?;  is this going to effect anyone in a negative way that is unnecessary ?;  am I doing this for the good of not only myself ?;  am I hurting anyone by doing this ?;  am I intentionally trying to take a fellow humans energy ? If your intentions are good, (especially if others will benefit in some way), and you take appropriate action, your chances of success will increase.

When you are taking action with hope of a specific outcome. Be sure that it is not for selfish reasons, to move ahead at the expense of others, be sure you are not inflicting undue pain or stress on another only to benefit yourself. When thoughts are put into action to benefit only yourself and at the expense of others, the outcome will not be good, for anyone involved. For even if at first your actions bring you what you desire, it will backfire, somewhere in your life.

The answer is simple, keep all your intentions good. You can acquire what you desire in life and reach all your goals without being careless about the people you are affecting. In fact when you desire from a loving and honest place, you manifest your goals much quicker and with greater ease. Things seem to just fall in your lap, you end up being in the right place at the right time, or talking to right people with right information you seek. Life has peaceful flow to it, there is less struggle.

For instance, say you wanted the head position in a large organization, and you ask yourself why you want this position, one could give the reason of wanting only more money or power or recognition, while another could want the position because they know they are not only capable of the work, but are confidant they could create improvements, possibly creating more job opportunities, or better insurance coverage for employees. Both may have the qualification for the position, but can you guess who has the better chance of being offered the job ? The one who had intentions of creating positive changes will radiate this in their energy, and it will vibrate much higher increasing your chances of reaching your goal.

Always check your intentions before making any drastic moves, changes, decisions, etc... If you believe that your intentions may not be for the greater good, reevaluate what it is you really desire and make the necessary modifications. If you are unsure whether your intentions are coming from a loving place, wait a while before making any decisions.

If they are coming from a loving and honest place then work hard and start manifesting your dreams. Being aware of your intentions, helps you become aware of how your actions could effect other people and situations. Intentions are the key to raising your vibration. When you radiate high vibrations, your goals manifest with lasting energy.

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