Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding meditation difficult? Try this.

When you use the word meditation you are setting forth an intention, but do you realize, everyday without even intending to, you are practicing a form of meditation. Everybody has the ability to meditate, to connect with our guidance from above.

A lot of people are not sure if they are doing it right, when they first start trying to meditate. I cannot count the number of times I've heard ''I don't know how to meditate'' or ''I'm not sure I'm doing it right''. Think about this, how many times throughout your day have you caught yourself lost in thought?, or daydreaming, or unconsciously thinking about an upcoming situation.

Everything around you stops, you do not hear the people around you speaking, everything around you has been blocked out. You are only aware of what is going on in your mind. During these times you are within your unconscious, it is here where you let your conscious mind rest and let your unconscious flow, you think of answers, while contemplating what to do, amazing ideas or solutions to difficult situations come to light. While you didn't set out with the intention of meditating, you were in the same area within your mind that you would go to while meditating.

 If you are having difficulties in feeling confidant in your experiences while meditating, try doing whatever you normally would do to prepare; breathing, relaxing, whatever your comfortable with, then clear your mind. This is where most people have difficulties at first, so instead of stressing about clearing your mind, try going with your thoughts as if you were daydreaming.

If you find your thoughts wandering to a certain area in your life, go with it, explore what you see, hear or experience. Just remember to keep yourself surrounded in Gods light. As you practice and become comfortable just going with your thoughts and receiving guidance on those areas, you can begin to try different things, such as meditating on a specific question, picturing yourself going on trips to visit Divine teachers and your guides, surrounding yourself in healing light during hard times, you can even ask Angels to visit you.

There is no wrong way to meditate, it is different for everybody. Just go with what feels right. Even when you catch yourself daydreaming , become aware but stay with your thoughts, you may be pleasantly surprised when you realize the opportunity for meditative guidance is always there, so long as you are open to it. As you become more confidant, you will naturally begin experimenting to discover what works best for you, bringing you closer to deeper meditations. Relax, and just enjoy what ever comes to you. Your meditation experiences will evolve as you do.

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